Precix support, service and equipment


CNC Doctor offers CNC Service and Technical Support for Precix CNC routers, dispensers and lasers.


We are Precix CNC router repair, service and technical support experts, providing after sales service and technical support on the entire CNC line, including Industrial RP, Industrial belt machines, Gen 1s, Gen 2s and Performas. We also support and service Creative Resin Distribution Servo Cad dispensing machines.


Emergency support


In a jam? Need technical support quickly ?


To gain access to our tech support phone numbers, click on the button below and purchase 1 hour of tech support. On receipt of payment, you will be copied with our restricted phone number page, giving you the direct line of our service technicians. We suggest that prior to calling us, you collect all your machine information, including model number, controller type, exact error codes and/or description of problems with the machine.


Purchase 1 hour of support time using your credit card

Click the above "Buy Now" button to purchase 1 hour of phone support subject to above terms and conditions. Successful payment will take you to our emergency cell phone numbers. Merchant info will show "Vancouver Wire EDM".


More info on emergency technical support